The Fields that Heal are the fields and woods and open spaces of nature. They are, too, the fields of human compassion and skill, the fields of creative family therapy and the help and hope given to vulnerable children. This tells the story of the creation and evolution of the children’s charity, Dandelion Time, its remarkable effect on everyone encountering its work.


"Enthusiasm and excitement emanate through everything John Hunter has written."

Michael Morpurgo

"Utterly fascinating and inspiring … a moving and eye-opening account of a remarkable achievement."

Alexander McCall Smith

“I love what Dandelion do…The Fields That Heal tells the story.”

James Rebanks




About Jay Press & Dandelion Time

An Independent Publisher based in Kent, Jay Press was created by Dandelion Time. 

Founded in 2003, Dandelion Time is a unique farm-based charity working with the most vulnerable children affected by trauma and emotional difficulties. Over almost two decades, it has helped transform the lives of over 1,000 children.